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 At Harbridge Press, we are proud to have received the following comments s for our writing and publishing work.

"The character education books are excellent for stimulating lively class discussions on topics such as honesty, compassion, and trust. Students respond because we are not lecturing to them about correct behavior. They analyze the cases and come to their own conclusions."                                                                                   5th grade teacher - Chicago, IL

"The History Detective is just what I was looking to find for my high school U.S. History class. Students aren't asked to memorize useless facts and dates, but rather work in teams to solve historical problems. The book has changed the whole way I teach my class."    High School teacher - Gary, IN
"Too often the African-American experience is short-changed in our history texts. A Long Hard Journey more than fills that gap. Students are asked to analyze conflicting problems and interpretations of the African-American experience, reach their own conclusions, and defend their answers. The book really gives students a sense of how historians work and history is written."                 Middle School teacher - St. Louis, MO
 Reviews for Harbridge Press
"This is a fictional story of a son who seeks to know what natural forces shaped his father's life. This journey reveals a different time, place, and culture, where long hidden secrets of his family's past are revealed. In Search of Yannelli combines history, culture, and many unexpected turn of events which makes for an interesting and compelling read."     H.S. English teacher - Detroit, MI
"This book really stimulates class discussion and debate. Each case establishes the context and story that created the crisis the President faced, but  ends without telling the student what decision was made. Students,  either alone or in groups, take on the role of the President of the United States, weigh all of the facts, options, and consequences, and then make their final decision as to how to confront the crisis. Then they compare their decision to what actually happened; this in turn creates even more discussion."                                                                                              H.S. teacher - Milwaukee, WI 
"This is a great book for readers to see the very human side of famous American leaders. This book covers certain times in the lives of selected men and women when they faced great disappointment, failure, and public criticism and how they overcame it by not giving up on their dreams and goals to go on to greatness."
School Counselor - Boston, MA School  - Boston, MA